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DIY Magnetic Cutting Mat


Hi again everyone, This project is an update to the DIY mobile cutting table. After that tutorial had been completed, I was staying with my friend while on vacation in Hamilton and she showed me her magnetic cutting mat. AMAZING. When I got home my mind started peculating on how to make my own. I had just purchased a a new mat for my mobile cutting table and did not want to spend more money (around $100.00 CAD) and thanks to procrastination, I hadn't yet attached that mat to the table permanently.

I decided that I needed to add tin to the bottom of my mat .

Items I used to complete the project:

1 old folding table

1- 24" x 36" cutting mat

2- 18"x 36" panning liners (approx $8.00 each)

1- pair tin snips, straight cutting blades

1- tube Lepage PL Premium Construction Adhesive (approximately $10.00)

1- plastic pan scraper (old gift would work)

1- permanent marker

Rubbing Alcohol

Paper Towel


1 dozen 1/2" rare earth magnets (approximately $1.00 each)

1 dozen old large buttons

1 rolling pin (Dowel or brayer roller or even a full tin can would work)

Wood clamps or tape

I went to home depot and I purchased two joist panning liners. I laid these liners under the mat to make sure they would work with magnets and fabric. Happy to say that they did. These liners came in 18" x 36" sizes have a slot at one end that needs to be removed which I did by cutting them off with the Straight Cut Tin Snips.

Next I laid out one of the panning liners on the table and measured how wide I would need to cut the second one. Once the second one was cut, I cleaned both the back of the cutting mat as well as both of the panning liners on one side so that the adhesive would hold better

I then laid the panning liners on the back of the cutting mat the way they were going to be adhered to the at and traced around them Notice that the liners don't make it all the way to the edge of the mat. Not to worry, you wont be placing magnets there any way.

Once I got the lines marked, I removed the liners and I applied and then spread the adhesive on the back of the cutting mat, within the marked lines. This adhesive provides you with about 30 minutes of working time.

Now it was time to apply the panning liners to the mat. I placed the factory cut edges beside each other to ensure a nearly seamless piece of metal on the back. Once the piece of metal were placed correctly I used a rolling pin to ensure that the glue was smooth and the rolling pin also helped to knock down any little irregularities that were caused from cutting the metal. I left this flat on the floor overnight to allow the adhesive to set.

As I had some left over liner and I noticed I had an apron on my table, I thought," what about a storage place for my magnets and rotary cutters?" So I measured the height of my apron, and measured the liner from the other factory edge about 1/2 " narrower than the apron. Once it had be cut I cleaned off the marking on the tin with rubbing alcohol, and then applied the adhesive and clamps to the table apron. I left that to set overnight as well.

Okay I now have a magnetic cutting mat and all I need are the magnets. I purchased some rare earth magnets from Lee Valley. They are 1/2" in diameter. Because they are hard to pick up and easy to lose and dangerous to children, I added large buttons to the top of the magnet with the same adhesive.

As you can see, I now have a magnetic mobile cutting station all complete.

Ready, Set, Cut!!!

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