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How This Crafty Lady Learns

Hello. If you have been following my blog, you know that I love all things stitching and I love to learn other crafts and techniques. My favorite way to learn is in person. When that isn't possible, I try to find classes and You Tube videos on line. Craftsy is one of my biggest go to online learning sites. I have purchased a large number of Craftsy classes for everything from cooking, to sewing and everything in between. I live in a remote part of northern Alberta and specialized instructors and classes in this area are almost non-existent.

Most of the each classes I have purchased I have used to teach myself a new craft or technique. A case in point is I learned how to do the "FLIP" for shuttle tatting with Crafty's Shuttle Tatting Course.

Another reason is to expand on things I already am interested in and learn how to use Items I already have (I must say that I have a lot of crafting supplies), such as scrap booking and card making. I made this card to add to my son's housewarming gift and learned the distress techniques with the Inventive Ink class

Of course I feel that not everyone can know everything. I used to teach knitting & crochet classes in High Level and knitting is still my favorite pastime. When I was about 10, my paternal grandmother taught me the English Flick style of knitting. My mother knits the Continental style, so I took a class on the Continental style with Lorilee Beltman to check that out.

Then I found my new favorite style of knitting, Portuguese knitting with Andrea Wong. This skull cap my first item I knitted in this style and this cardinal mitt what I am currently working on. Best tension and least frustration I have ever had knitting in garment and Fair Isle style

However the main reason I love Craftsy Classes is that I can find courses that offer me refresher information on classes I have already taken in person. My favourite of these are Beverly Johnson's Bra and Panty Classes. I enjoyed taking the Professional Bra Makers Class with Beverly at the International Bra Makers School while it was still being offered. She and I became friends so when I can't quite remember something fairly basic from class or I just need a Beverly fix, I just pop on one of her classes. These are just some of the items inspired by her classes, Heather Bra, Vertical Lace Bra & of course panties.

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