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When is the best time to plant a tree? 10 years ago. When is the second best time to plant a tree? Today!

Today’s the Day I will start blogging. That’s what I’ve been telling myself for years. I really wanted to get the ball rolling a few weeks ago at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference at St. Peter’s Abbey in Muenster, Saskatchewan but their WiFi was down and cell service was close to non-existent. While my time there was great (I will be recapping my time there in future posts), it took me a few days to realize I would not be starting my blog there. Then I got home, met with a new client, drafted some patterns for her and then I left again to visit my daughter and her children. No time to post with grandchildren around.

Last week I held my first beginner bra making class in Grande Prairie, Alberta, met with my client and then helped move topsoil onto our lawn area. Yesterday, I ended up on the roof fixing shingles due to a 3 day wind and rain storm we had in Grande Prairie. Today we finished moving the last of the 20 yards of topsoil we had delivered over the past few weeks.

And during that time I drafted and designed a couple of bras for myself that I entered into the first Bust out the Bras contest (Bra-makers Supply is holding today Sunday June 19, 2016) in conjunction with their Cele-BRA- tion.

Shelly's Secret Rose Garden Cut & Sew Foam


Who am I you are probably asking yourself. My name is Jeanette Spornitz and I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I love crafting and stitching of all types from knitting & crocheting, to Brazillian embroidery and tatting (both needle and shuttle). I especially enjoy sewing and have been sewing for a very, very long time now. About six years ago I began a small business in High Level, Alberta called In Stitches and taught knitting and crochet classes. I added hemming and minor alterations as a side line. Well the sewing took over and I began altering everything from wedding dresses and formal wear, to RCMP uniforms and dance costumes.

During that time I became very interested in bra making for myself. I started by searching for as much information on line as possible, which believe me was not much. I did finally locate Foundations Revealed website and information on bra making written by Mark Garbarczyk. I worked at drafting a bra as per his instructions and then I needed to find fabric.

This led me on another search that ended with the Bra-makers Supply website. I found the fabric and made the bra. It did not fit very well, but way better than any I had bought up to that time ( including 2 that were professionally fitted and costing over $325.00 together) While on the Bra-makers site I found a few patterns that I tried, the Linda and the Shelly. Both fit even better than my initial drafts.

Then my husband thought he might like to go on a cruise to Alaska, and guess who was holding a cruise to Alaska. Bra-makers Supply of course! That is where I met the Fairy Bra Mother, Beverly Johnson and was encouraged by others to take her Professional Bra Making Course.

That fall I went to Hamilton for eleven weeks were I took the swimwear class, the corset class, the professional bra makers class and just for fun on the weekends I took machine knitting classes at Cardiknits in Hamilton. Did I mention I like stitching?

Since becoming a professional bra maker I have made custom bras, swimwear and other intimate apparel for clients and have taught sewing enthusiasts to sew their own bras. I have also assisted Beverly Johnson at the Saskatchewan Stitches Conference for a number of years and in 2015 assisted her in Sweden at the European Bra Summit hosted by B’wear.

Last year we moved to Grande Prairie and due to a basement flood the day we moved in as well as other commitments I was not able to set up my shop again until the fall. I am looking forward to helping the women in Grande Prairie and northern Alberta to find the bra that fits them.

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