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Basic Bra in Fuchsia
Inspirational Bra
Heather Style Bra
Cut & Sew Foam & Lace
Basic Swim Suit
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Beginner Bra
Fabric covered Cut & Sew Foam
Example of Day 2 Beginner Bra Class

Fit - Comfort - Style

Hello, My Name is Jeanette Spornitz and I am a
Certified Professional Custom Bra Maker and Instructor
and I  am here to help you find your Best Fitting Bra Ever!


Do you have a difficult time finding intimate apparel that fits you, looks great and is comfortable?  Have you spent hours looking for the perfect bra and find out it only comes white, black or beige? Or have you found the perfect bra, only to find it's discontinued on your next trip to the store?   Have you gone to the boutique Bra stores to be fitted and then are unable to wear the "professionally fitted" bra when you return home?


I have been where you are and these are just some of the reasons I want to help you find that perfect bra that will help you look your best, increase your self confidence, and take some of the strain off your shoulders and your back.


Here are just a few ways I can help you locate your "Holy Grail"


Bras, Swimwear, and other intimate apparel


* Using your own unique measurements, I will draft and design a bra or other intimate apparel especially for you.   The number of bra styles and designs is vast and include every day, sexy, mastectomy, maternity, sport  and many others.


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*  Do you have a store bought  bra or other intimate apparel you dearly love and it is no longer being sold.  Bring it to me and I will clone that item and remake the garment with any necessary adjustments that might be required.


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*  Are you an avid sewing enthusiast?  Let me teach you how to make your own bra, swimwear, body shapers and intimate apparel.  By taking my classes not only will you be able to fill your lingerie chest with beautiful lingerie,  you will also be able to add a number of new skills and techniques to your sewing basket.


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*  Did you want to try sewing your own bra without first taking my class?  Why not come to me for a professional fitting and pattern alteration so that the first bra will fit you right from the start? Take it from me, a professional fitting will save you a lot of time and heart ache as you are not able to tell if the bra fits you until it is totally completed.


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"It was a pleasure to work with Jeanette.  She is very professional and knowledgeable and made me the the best fitting and most comfortable bra I have ever had.
- Jean  M
"After breast cancer surgery, I was left with issues that store-bought  brassieres could not fix.  I thought I would have to live with these problems, then I heard about Jeanette Spornitz.  The end result is amazing.  It fits me like a glove.  It is the most comfortable bra I've ever had.  I am thrilled with her work and thank her for her artistry."                                                           
                                                                                       -Eve D
Click on any picture above to learn more about the picture. Then click on go to link to find out more about the item

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