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This is the first step to a Great Fitting Bra


***Your initial fitting can last up to 1 hour***


This basic style, great fitting bra, is made from industry grade beige  fabrics, elastics and findings and is designed from a pattern or draft to fit you perfectly.  This bra includes the basic neckline neckline trim .  Your first fitting is for sizing and measurements, the second is of the test fitting bra that is used to test the fit or refine the pattern and your final fitting is when your bra is ready to take home.  Once we have a bra pattern that fits you the there are a number of options available to you on future bras. 


See OPTIONS Below!

Cost for fittings and bra

$299.00 +GST

$150.00 Deposit is required at your first fitting

*****Note that these items  will take 2 - 4 weeks for delivery depending on time between fittings.

Have you had a Mastectomy and can not find anything on the market that is pretty, fits and is comfortable.  Why not check me out?  Whether you have had a partial or full mastectomy I can design a bra to fit you and help you look great.  I design bras with either a pocket to remove your prosthesis or I can add foam to achieve an even shape to your breast.

I can also provide you a prosthesis to fit your bra. These washable prosthesis are constructed with bra making foam and weights are added so that it sit comfortably on your body.

These Prosthesis pass

the "HUG" test

The fitting process is very similar to the initial bra fitting. Once we have a great fitting pattern design and fabric options are definitely available

See OPTIONS Below!

Cost for fittings and bra with pocket

  $325.00 +GST

Cost for fittings and bra with partial attached prosthesis is  $350.00 + GST

Cost for Prosthesis $120.00

$150.00 Deposit is required atyyour first fitting

*****Note that these items  will take 2 - 4 weeks for delivery depending on time between fittings.

Initial Bra/Mastecomy Bra

Now You Are Ready to Order Your Next Bra!

Will it be a basic bra? With or without the Butterfly lace?  How about a long line or strapless bra?  Do you want to change up the seam lines  or would you like to use foam or lace. Below are the costs of these types bras and style changes made from your great fitting bra pattern. 


*****Note that if  you would like one of these styles of bras without  first purchasing your initial bra there is a $125.00 + GST  charge for 2 -3  fittings and pattern drafting added to the cost of the bra.   Payment of the above amount is required to be paid in full before the bra is started.

Basic Bra

with or without butterfly lace

$225.00 +GST

Additional Lace


Extra Padding


Integrated Bridge


Costs added to the Basic Bra Price

Front Closure (if there is room)


Design, Style Changes

      made to Basic Bra


Basic Butterfly Bra
Longline/Cut & Sew Foam/ Nursing

This is  a sampling of the many styles  of bras that can now be created from your

Best Ever Fitting Bra  Pattern


Long Line Bra

$325.00 +GST

Foam Bra


Nursing Bra

$225.00 +GST

Cloned /craftsy fitting

Bustier (Strapless)

$399.00 +GST

Posture Bra


Inspiration Bra

Designed from customers picture or idea


Cloned Bra from a Favourite

Ready to Wear Bra

$299.00 +GST

Sewing Your Own Bra?

Let me fit you to ensure your first bra fits you well.  Let me save you time and money by providing you a personal fitting before you start cutting.

$99.00 +GST

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