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Foundation Garments & Panties

Basic Body Shaper Class

The Basic Body Shaper is the perfect foundation garment for smoothing out the bumps and lumps of your full torso.  This body shaper is designed to be worn over your existing bra and can be  a full one piece suit with opening in the crotch area or it can be designed as a camisole. Besides learning how to adjustthe pattern to fit you, there are also three types of back straps that can be made with this shaper. Here you are the designer

$150.00 +GST

one day course

Includes pattern and fabric for one body shaper

This Body Shaper has all the features of the Basic Body Shaper and has the addition of a builtin bra.  The bra is designed from your initial Bra Pattern. This body Shaper also can be a full body shaper or a camisole style.  Not only can you decide on the straps, you also get to draft the front of the shaper to fit the cups.




$265.00 + GST

2 day course

Kit Includes pattern and fabric for one body shaper and bra cups

*Note Beginner Bra Class is a prequisite as you need to know bra construction techinques and have a well fitting pattern.

Body Shaper With Builtin Bra Class

Made to Measure Panties Class

Now that you have a beautiful well fitting bra, why not have a few pairs of custom panties to go with it to completed the look.  Panties can be made of any style from boy shorts to bikini and from briefs to thongs. They can be made for either looks or support and yes they can be both at once. After wearing a well fitting, non riding pantie you will never go back to ready to wear ones again. This is a one day course which includes instruction on how to draft your panty pattern and how to adjust it for different fabrics.

$150.00 + GST

one day course

Kit includes drafting pantie drafting manual, fabric and elastic for one pair of panties.  If you wish to make more, please bring extra fabrics.

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