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This two day class is for you if you would love to be able to sew your own bra and make more in the future. You will be professionally fitted to ensure your pattern is adjusted to your specific needs. As well, you will receive a pattern, industry standards fabrics and findings as well as instruction on how to construct your bra using only your sewing machine.In this class you will receive:


14 hours of professional bra making instruction


Materials and a pattern fitted to your specific body type


Information on fabrics and techniques that will make your bra look like ready to wear


A tester bra that we can use to make slight adjustments on your pattern if it’s not perfect by the end of theclass


The option to start a second bra and use lace on it


Your best fitting bra ever!


****This is a prerequisite class for any of the classes that require a bra as you will need to have a well fitting bra pattern the knowledge to construct a bra.****





Take your next step in bra making with the  partial band bra.  This bra has no band under the cups and presents a whole new type of construction from the ful band bra.  This one day class offers you more construction techniques along with a great second bra.  Materials and pattern included


This class offers you the tools to draft an original designer style to  your  own well fitting bra pattern.  You will learn how to split the lower cup as well a adding a power bar to your bra.  You will be amazed at the look and fit of this bra.  You will need a well fitting bra pattern and already know how to construct a bra.  We will draft the pattern first thing in the morning and then sew up as much as possible by the end of the day.  The fee includes materials needed to make one bra.


Are you looking for a T-shirt Bra or do you want to use stretch fabrics that otherwise won't work for a bra?   Are you looking to smooth your profile with out the look of preformed cups? This class is for you!  You will learn how tto use your own well fitting pattern to make this bra.  You will also learn finishing tips and tricks the industry uses to finish your bra.  You will need to have your well fitting bra pattern as well as know the techniquies needed to construct a bra.  Fee includes foam and materials needed to make one bra.  If you have a stretch fabric you would like to use, bring it along.


Bra Made with Preformed Foam Cups (1 day)

Don't like seams?  Looking for the smooth line? The preformed foam cups bra might be for you.  This class will teach you how to seamlessly add fabric to the cups and you will also learn how the rotation of the cups affect the look and fit of the preformed cups.  Class fee includes patterns and materials needed for one bra.  If you have some stretch fabric you would like to use, bring it along.


Mastectomy Bra (2 days)

Would you like to be able to make  mastectomy bra for you or someone you love.  Here's your chance.  Let me teach you how to make a bra with a pocket for a prosthetis, as well as the prosthetis to fit either a full or partial removal of the breast. If you would like to make a bra for a loved one, that person would need to come for a fitting so we can draft a well fitting pattern for her.  You will need to know the basic bra making construction techniquies.  Kit includes pattern and materials to make one bra.


Clone A Bra From a Ready To Wear Bra that you Love (1 day)

Class Dates TBA

Do you have a ready to wear bra that you just love th fit and style?  How would you like to make it again and again?  In this class you will learn how to clone your favorite bra and also the construction sequence needed in order to complete your bra.  You will get the bra finished with only the finishing touches to finish at home.  You need to know bra construction for this class. 



Style Changes (1 day)

Class Dates TBA

Now you can really make your perfect fit bra pattern as individual as you.  Learn how to draft and design style changes on paper and in 3D. Kit includeds design ideas and materials for 3D design.



Are you looking for a swim suit that fits you in all the right places?  One that is comfortable as well as flattering?  In this class you can draft a suit that fits you just right. You will also learn how to make a foam cup bra and install it in the suit. This suit can have either preformed foam cups or you can put a floating bra in it.


To make the floating bra style, you need to have a well fitting bra as well as know the construction techniques of the basic bra.  I supply the pattern, bra making materials and the fitting.  You will need to purchase the fabric and lining. If you can not find fabric and lining, let me know when you register and I will help you out in locating some.


Swim suit and beyond- Drafting suit styles from basic pattern (2 days)

Class Dates: To Be Announced

Now that you have a swimsuit that fits, how about drafting other styles and making another one from  your personal pattern.  How about a swim dress, tankini, crop style or cut out style?  What about colour blocking, ruching or trim?  The sky's the limit once you learn the basics.  On the morning of the first day we will discuss styles and start drafting.  Then you will pick a style and start working on the suit.  You will need your perfectly fitted swimsuit pattern as well as your personal bra pattern. Fees will include instructions on different style options and constrution details.



The Glamour Swimsuit - That '50s style (2 days)

Class Dates: To Be Announced

Love the look of the 50's style suits with the built in cups?  This class teaches you to construct your own glamour suit with your perfect fitting swim suit and bra patterns. Learn how to insert the cups directly into the garment.  Add a modesty panel if you like.  Then decide if it will be halter top or shoulder straps. You will draft the garment the first morning and then work on construction for the rest of the class with expert help. You will require your well fitting bra and swimsuit pattern as well as fabric and lining.  Foam for the cups will be provided.



re you looking for something to wear under that great dress?  How about a body shaper that fits you to a "T".  This class teaches you how to make your own shapewear in either body suit style of camisole style. The Ova pattern lets you  were this shaper with bras you already have. There are three different back styles and 2 body lengths.  Fees include kit and pattern.


How about an all in one bodyshaper?  Learn to insert your perfect fit cups into your body shaper. You will learn to insert your perfect fit cups into an all in one body shaper as well as how to add extra support where you really need it. There are three different back styles and 2 body lenths.  Fees include kit and pattern.


Beginner Corset (2 days)

Class Dates: To Be Announced

This is a beginner corset class where you will learn the basics of constructing a corset.  Corsets are used as both an undergarment and as a fashion garment toda. Straight stitch is the only stitch used on a regular machine.  You will also learn how to adjust your pattern to an underbust corset.  Boning, busk and gromets as well as pattern are included in the fee.


Now that you are making wonderful bras, how about learning to make great fitting panties to match.  In this class you will learn to draft, design and sew your own great fitting panties.  From your own  basic pattern you will learn how to make many different styles to complement your wardrobe.  Fees include materials for 1 pair, and instructions on how to draft your own.


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Let me teach you  to sew your own bras, swimwear and intimate apparel. Below is a list of the classes available.  Note that some have dates and other are To Be Announced(TBA).  If you would like to take a TBA classs, contact me and let's make a date.


No Class isTOO SMALL! Group classes max 6 participants!


Each class day is seven (7) hours long including lunch.

Beginner Bra Class
Partial Band Bra Class
Shelley Bra Class
Cut and Sew Foam Bra
Bra made with Preformed Cups
Corset class
Clone a Bra
Swimsuit that fits
The Glamour Swimsuit
Swimsuits & Beyond
Bodshapers 101
Bodyshapers 102

Bring your "Breast Friend" to the beginner bra class and each of you will receive the pattern and kit for free.  Yes that's $50.00 each  as a thank you for attending the class together!

Mastectomy Bra
Style Changes
Bundles of Bloomers
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