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Fit - Comfort - Style

Hello, My Name is Jeanette Poisson and I am a
Certified Professional Custom Bra Maker and Instructor
and I  am here to help you find your Best Fitting Bra Ever

For The Sewing Enthusiast
With all the changes in our world right now, I find that I am not able to help as many people as I would like to by teaching them to sew their own Bras in person.  That is why I am offering the following options for you who are sewing your own bras and need a bit of help. I find that it is much better to ask for help than spend a lot of time and resources not getting the right fit. 

Virtual fittings:  Lets skype, zoom, facetime or google duo a virtual fitting to help you discover the tweaks needed to have our bra fit you great.  Being able to meet up virtually will give you the privacy and the  confidence to get obtain a well fitting bra pattern that you can make any number of great fitting bras from.  You can use what ever bra pattern or self draft you want and I can teach you to make the correct alterations to finalize your pattern.

Pattern design change consultations:  Great, you've got a well fitting bra pattern, and now you want to make some design changes. Book a consultation and I can show you how to make the your desired changes.  Again any bra pattern or self draft will work.  If you need fitting help, please book a virtual fitting.

Pre consultation: (Free
Spend fifteen minutes with me to see if what I have to offer will work for you. You and I can have a virtual conversation to see if the help I can offer is what you are looking for.  Note there will not be any fitting tips or design techniques during this call.

Basic Bra in Fuchsia
Inspirational Bra
Heather Style Bra
Cut & Sew Foam & Lace
Basic Swim Suit
2016-05-14 21.41.22_edited_edited
Beginner Bra
Fabric covered Cut & Sew Foam
Example of Day 2 Beginner Bra Class

Prince George, BC

"It was a pleasure to work with Jeanette.  She is very professional and knowledgeable and made me the the best fitting and most comfortable bra I have ever had.
- Jean  M
"After breast cancer surgery, I was left with issues that store-bought  brassieres could not fix.  I thought I would have to live with these problems, then I heard about Jeanette Spornitz.  The end result is amazing.  It fits me like a glove.  It is the most comfortable bra I've ever had.  I am thrilled with her work and thank her for her artistry."                                                           
                                                                                       -Eve D

© 2023 Jeanette Poisson

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